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Standart My First Lesbian Experience

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My First Lesbian ExperienceI think I always knew I was attracted to women as well as guys. I would catch myself staring at girls, transfixed by their beauty, lush curves and soft skin. But I hadn't yet admitted it to myself. When I had let it slip to my then bf that I liked to watch lesbian porn he was intrigued. Maybe at first he was afraid I'd dump him, but after that he wanted to help me explore that attraction. First we watched porn together. He questioned me on what parts I liked, which always led to him vigorously eating me out. But what he couldn't try to replicate was my desire to touch, and taste. So after a few weeks of persuading he finally convinced me to try. He showed me a picture, which gave me that last nudge to give in. She was gorgeous. Movie star good looks, with glossy black hair and pretty green eyes. Bow tie red lips that I wanted to nibble on. Fair skin. Legs that went for miles and breasts that were spilling out of her top. I couldn't say no. He told me he had a friend who was a few years older in college. He knew she'd like to be my first girl. He set the whole thing up. Said he wanted my "second first time" to be special. He rented a room at a hotel and sent me to a spa where I was spoiled and waxed. We all met in the room at the same time. She was wearing a body-hugging sheath dress with a neckline that just hinted at cleavage and ended at mid-thigh and had heels that made her legs even longer. She brought a bag along with her, which made me a little apprehensive, but I soon was otherwise occupied. We didn't immediately start fucking, I was a little more than nervous. We had a few drinks to relax. Chatted and got to know one another. She asked questions to find out what I wanted to try -which was just about bursa escort everything- and what I was turned on by. She and I were sitting on the edge of the bed, while he had pulled up a chair a few feet away so as not to miss anything. I started out by just touching her. I didn't go straight for the obvious, I ran my hands up her arms, just to feel her soft skin, and up to her bare shoulders and collar bone. I then went to her calves and up to her things. The whole time she was telling me what she was feeling, and to touch a spot longer. I then touched her face, I was fascinated by her lips. She sucked two fingers into her mouth which sent tingles straight to my pussy. I had to have more of her lips so I leaned in for a kiss, which started out soft but turned into a tongue war, and her grabbing my hair. I cupped a breast and could feel how hard her nipple was. I instinctively flicked it, causing her to moan. "Well we know we're attracted to each other. Now I'm going to change and I want you to strip and lie on your stomach with your head facing away from me." She said. She then disappeared into the bathroom with her bag. He asked me if I was okay and I told him I was loving it. He had unzipped his pants and stroked his cock while watching us, so I kneeled down and sucked him for a minute, then did as she told me to. After a few minutes of waiting I heard the door open and him say "damn girl". I started to turn my head but she stopped me by saying "no peeking, it's a surprise". I felt her join me on the bed but I still couldn't see her. She put a piece of cloth around my head covering my eyes, I protested but she said it would make everything better. I was instructed to flip over. I couldn't see whatsoever. I felt hands on my bursa escort bayan legs, moving up over my stomach. Brushing my breasts. It all felt so good. My heart was racing and anticipation was high. Then I felt soft lips and tongue lick and suck on my right breast while a hand brushed up and down my thigh, never going high enough. I twitched and moaned for more but I was denied. She switched breasts and continued teasing me. I tried spreading my legs but she slapped my breast and told me to keep still or she'd have to spank me. My pussy became even more soaked, which she could see. I felt her shift around and spread my legs. She started rubbing my legs in slow circles, moving up as she went. I was moaning good now, begging her to touch me. She finally relented and teased my clit, causing my hips buck. I tried getting closer, I needed more. She then inserted two fingers and it felt so good. She finally put her mouth on me and I about came right there. She spread my bare pussy lips and sucked my clit, nibbling every few minutes. I could feel my orgasm getting closer and closer as time went on. Just as I was about to cum she pulled away and got off the bed. I couldn't believe she stopped! But a few seconds later she was back, and I heard her flick a switch creating vibrations. I moaned knowing it was some sort of toy. I felt her slowly insert it in my pussy, then go to town on my clit. I almost came undone. I thrusted my hips wanting more. Then I felt her take her other hand and swipe a finger through the juices and spread them over my back hole. I'd done anal before, so this was a welcome sensation. As I got closer to orgasm she worked my ass, all the while fucking me with toy and tongue. When my hole was sufficiently escort bursa relaxed she started in with two fingers, causing it to stretch good. I was on the edge, moaning and thrusting, when I felt her nip my clit hard and thrust both finger and toy hard, and I felt the orgasm rush over me. She rode me through it and removed the toys and eye covering. I was immediately ready to go again when I saw what she was wearing. She had a garter and stockings with no panties and a half-cup corset. She laid down and I wanted to devour her. I immediately went to town on her breasts. They tasted so good, and there was so much of them. I grabbed her beautiful ass I couldn't get enough of it. I licked down her body to heaven. She was bare as well. I spread her lips and licked her up good. She urged me on. Grabbed my head to keep me there. This whole time I hadn't really paid attention to him though. And didn't notice he'd cum up behind me until I felt a slap on the ass. It burned so good, he then slipped his cock into my pussy and thrust hard, causing me to moan into her puss. After several minutes of hard thrusting and me licking and finger thrusting he pulled away. I saw him grab two other toys from her bag, another vibe and a anal plug. He handed me the vibe, which I immediately started using on her. But he didn't use the plug right away. He fucked me for a few minutes more, by that time both her and I were pretty close, and the. He shoved the plug into my ass, spreading me more. The sensation of fullness was almost too much, I fucked her harder I wanted her juices spilling in my mouth. He then started spanking me, thrusting cock and plug in alternating strokes, then both at once, and I started cumming hard around him. With her and him cumming seconds later. We all fell to the bed exhausted. We fell asleep soon after, with a morning fuck with her riding my face while he fucked me. We parted ways soon after. We've remained friends since, with her visiting me every once in awhile.
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