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Standart Su Lin's fantasy sex.

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Su Lin's fantasy sex.Hi Su Lin.Thanks for the reply to my fantasy suggestion. I suggested that you may find lots of pleasure if you tried to write down your fantasy regarding your father-in-law or any other person or situation. Writing invites you to explore many of the feelings you may have; sexy or scary! The good news is that fantasy is SAFE!Here is an example I have dreamed up simply based on the information I have about you and your father in law from your two posts; and the flirty games you play: You recall the time you saw him naked ? sporting an impressive cock!?when I return to the garden, I see the pleasant girl I chatted to in the lounge. Now however, she is the subject of a great deal of teasing from many men present. One chap, lifts her skirt a little, but Su Lin laughs and pretends to be offended.?No you don?t!? she declares, ?I do not have to prove it!??Well, why did you tell us then!? the man smiles back to her, not really serious about looking under her skirt.?Oh, is she not wearing anything?? I ask a woman next to me, grinning crudely.?No, she just told us that she spent a fortune on a Californian wax session!? The woman laughed.Su Lin is an attractive young woman, who looks great in her warm summer outfit. The image of her shaved and pretty slit filled my head. ?No wonder the guys want to look!? I joked, loud enough for Su Lin to hear. ?Maybe we ought to persuade her a bit more,? I grinned as she looked toward me. I approached her more confident than I should be and took the wine glass from her hand.I felt the warmth of her palm briefly and sensed the excitement in the air. Her pretty face was bright pink, almost red and I took another peep down her loose top, the vision that had attracted me to her initially. I was pleased that she moved close to me.?Darling, let me keep you safe!? I said, wrapping my arms around her shoulder. Su Lin leaned into me; I softly placed my hand over her eyes. She sighed and her breath, with a hint of alcohol, rushed over my face. I breathed it in greedily, enjoying everything about her.?Bravely, expecting her to protest, I lifted her short skirt. Again, Su Lin sighed and more of her weight konak escort rested into my chest and hips. I feel her relax so I lift more. The garden fell silent as many eyes gazed at her panties, slowly revealed. Now, her skirt held high, we all stare between her smooth thighs, which clamp tightly, automatically protecting her. I mumble to her, hoping she would relax and she does. Slowly, she allows her legs to part before clamping them tight again. Again, the thighs relax and part slightly, until a male hand moves up to her crotch and deftly moves the thin cloth to the side.Low, sensuous and appreciative whistles mingle into a sexy chorus at the sight of her naked pussy. Tight, just a line of pink flesh leading the many eyes between her thighs from a promising little knot of flesh sticking out where her lips join.I expect her to panic, but the cool air and warm eyes paralyse her. I allow her to rest now, on my thigh as I kneel slowly on one leg. She lies over me as if hypnotised. Now, more gentle hands smooth over her soft skin, urging her thighs to part. She sighs and buries her face into my neck, gripping me as her passion and fear climb to strange heights.Now, the adoring hands on her body pull at her panties, a flimsy thong, which falls neglected under my legs. I still hold her and gaze down at her exposed flesh. I am so excited, but I fear that if I try to touch her lovely flesh, she will try to escape.Suddenly, one of the men, a mature but well built man moves to her. His eyes are fixed on her lovely pink slit, but his hand squeezes the huge lump in his jeans. I gaze as he opens his fly and levers the cumbersome tool out, into the warm night air.His huge cock hanging heavily downward, he slides a hand along the tiny slit, making a stream of clear juice glitter in the feint light shinning on the scene. Without any more reserve, he slid his monster along the wet gash, making her gasp with fear and excitement. I feel her stiffen and try to close her legs, but she is far too late for this, with a man already between them. Cleverly, he rubs the swollen lump of cockhead over her until it nestles into her entrance.Many konak escort bayan voices urge him on and soon, other hands help me, raising her helpless body so that she is just the right height. Her hands now hide her face and she dare not look at the group. Now, the giant cock nudges into her tight little hole making her sigh. I wish so much that I could liberate her beautiful tits, but this is hard to do with all the hands under her, so I simply caress her boobs.Now, the group move her floating body toward the huge prick, forcing it to stiffen and move inside her. Her body quivers as the sensations fill her and thrill her. I see her muscles twitch and grip the monster inside her, but this does not stop it from moving even deeper inside her tiny flesh.Now, the old man lifts her legs up, pointing them crudely in the air as he starts to fuck her with long strokes. I see the lump of his meat appear under her belly, swelling her as it penetrates so deeply. Su Lin tries to hide her face as if she were frightened of her predicament, but her body ignores her mind and greedily consumes the huge man-meat offering. Her hips move on their own now, determined to ride this tool crudely, yet sensuously. We all gaze in awe at the vision; slippery wetness making the huge shaft glisten as it is exposed.Soon, Su Lin allows her hands to fall down her body, fingers grasping at the amazing length of adorable meat as the man removes it from her. Her fingers now guide and welcome it back into her struggling hole as she enjoys the growing sensation in her belly, unlike any that she has ever felt before.The pain and discomfort this weapon causes is also the source of the wonderful ache in her belly as her body takes over control of her responses. Her fingers crush against her sensitive clit as he pushes into her, having no care for the danger his prick is in her tiny hole. She can feel the sensation she craves, but this time, it is like no other she can recall. The huge cock is painful yet it thrills so much.She gasps loudly now, not in my ear, but loud enough far all here to hear. The crowd gasp as they feel the mounting escort konak sensation in her. All look on mesmerised, all can share the thrill that she feels and all want her to explode in intense ecstasy as they hold her above the ground.I smell the scent of her excitement as the breeze carries her pussy message to us all. She sighs again and again as she floats on many hands, helplessly in the air, waiting for the agony of her immense climax, now so near. Her body stiffens and I cruelly squeeze her lovely tits, bending the hard nipples under my thumb, making them hurt, jealous of this man who is the cause of her great pleasure.I grip so hard, painfully I know, as her hips pound into the old man?s groin, demanding all he has and more; the man now groans, losing his control to her sexy body as she fulfils her desire. I gaze at her soft lips now, stretched so wide, almost pure white as it grips the heavy, monster shaft pounding her tiny body.Little squirts of love dribble from her and expertly, as if they had always been lovers, her hips and his dance into the climax they had both dreamed of for so long. He pushes into her and remains fixed, deep inside her greedy belly. The group gasp as they see the large lump, pushing against her soft belly, twitch in its happy agony.Both of them sigh and gasp with the delight of an encounter they have both dreamed of for so many years. Su Lin?s legs grip the man?s hips and her heels dig into his buttocks forcing him deep into her belly. Huge amounts of sticky love fill her and soon it is forced from her tight lips, making sexy, slurping noises as it runs down his balls into the hands of one of the people holding her in the air.Suddenly, Su Lin relaxes and flops into a helpless rag-doll state as she tries to catch up on her breathing. We watch, transfixed as the man's cock softens, still visible as an impression under her soft belly. Now many more men have their cocks in the air, totally uninhibited now, by the natural expression they have just witnessed. In my pants, I feel the cool dampness of my own clear juice, squeezed from me by my stiffness, cramped in my trousers.I have a sudden desire to rub it over her breasts, and I have a feeling that we have not finished with this amazing woman yet. In one move, as if choreographed the group lower the slave-body to the grass as they prepare to enjoy their new toy as they please, and I am intent on enjoying her too.
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