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Standart Daughter's leg

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DAUGHTER'S LEGAll of my stories are based on events that I've actually lived. Some are totally true and others are true up to a point. It's your challenge to figure out where reality ends and fantasy begins! With that being said?read on!Sometimes, when I see someone else?s pictures, I am reminded of things that have happened to me in the past. This picture, copied and reposted from another Flickr member, brought back a few of those memories. Especially ones with my cock lying against my daughter?s leg, and in particular, the first time it happened.One day I was standing in the bathroom shaving, with only a towel wrapped around me. I often do this with the door open so the steam can clear out. As I was just finishing up, I noticed in the mirror that my f*fteen year old daughter, Rachel, was entering the bathroom. She had long brunette hair that flowed across her shoulders and accented her beautiful face. She was wearing gym shorts and a tank top. Her legs were shapely and perfectly tanned and her breasts, though not fully developed, were of good form and a decent handful. I noticed her nipples were perked underneath her shirt and my cock began to grow. She stood behind me and said, "What are you doing later Dad, after you finish shaving?" I said, "I don't have any plans, do you have something in mind?" All of a sudden, I felt my towel drop to the floor exposing my half-hard cock. My daughter had pulled the tucked corners of the towel loose. She didn?t waste any time before her next move. While I was still being shocked by the surprise, she reached around, grabbed my cock and started massaging it. It felt wonderful to be touched by her, especially since I had spent many nights lying in my bed masturbating while looking at pictures I had taken of her out by our pool. I had a nice zoom lens so I didn't think she ever knew I was taking close-ups of her tits, ass and legs. The only ones I showed HER were the ones that included her friends! (I had close-ups of them also!)Even though it sent chills through my loins when she took hold of my cock, I reached down to move her hand and said, ?Honey! You can?t do that! I?m your Dad!? She responded by moving in tight behind me, reached around me with her other hand and grabbed my bornova escort hand and pulled it away from her hand that was giving the massage. She said, ?I know?that?s why it?s so HOT!? She then started pulling on my now, almost fully erect, member. ?Just go with it! It?s appears your cock doesn?t have any taboos about what I?m doing! Besides, I've been on your computer and I've seen the pictures you have of me!? I started to say something else, like some excuses for the pictures, just as she reached around me with her other hand and cupped my balls in it. All that came out of my mouth was, ?Hmmm!? That?s when she let go of my balls and my cock. I was shouting inside, ?NO?never mind that I?m your Dad, just keep doing what you?re doing!? However, I have to admit I was also relieved because I still thought there had to be something wrong with this. After all, she was my daughter...and only f*fteen. I could get in a lot of trouble! But my relief was short lived. Without hesitation she put her hands on my waist and pulled me back from the counter. Then she moved around, placed herself between me and the counter and backed up against me with her ass against my left thigh. She pulled her top off and dropped her gym shorts so fast it was a blur. I had already figured she wasn't wearing a bra because her nipples were sticking out quite a bit. To my surprise, and joy, she wasn?t wearing any panties either! Now I was looking into the mirror at a reflection of my naked daughter, backed up against my naked body with my swollen cock lying alongside her right leg.She then reached down to her side, took hold of my cock, and started stroking it up and down, all the while dragging the tip of the head lightly across the soft skin of her upper thigh. I immediately started drooling precum out onto her sexy leg. Then, with her other hand, she reached down and started running her fingers up and down her slit, stopping each time at the bottom to insert the tip of her finger into her pussy. By now, my cock was standing straight out and she was pumping it at a steady rate. I just remained silent. I was pretty much frozen in time.That?s when her left hand moved to the top of her cunt lips and she commenced to rub her escort bornova clit. She would rub her clit in circles about 5 times, then insert her finger in her pussy and repeat the process. Once, she stopped her jacking motion on my cock, squatted slightly and pushed her middle finger deep up her cunt. When she pulled her finger out, and held it up, I could see just how wet her pussy must be. That?s when she lifted her finger to my mouth. As soon as her finger entered my mouth she started pumping me again. This brought a bunch of precum out and she rubbed it all over my cock. It was SO slippery and it felt REALLY wonderful. That?s when I started to feel my sperm boiling in my balls. I said, "Honey, you're going to make me cum." She said, "Not just yet!" She stopped pumping my cock and picked up the pace on her clit. I saw the expression on her face change and she stopped rubbing her clit and let out a big sigh and said, "That was close." Then she started pumping my cock again until I whispered in her ear, "Stop!" She started circling her clit again and almost immediately started to pump my cock. I said, "You better stop or I'll cum." She shook her head no and continued working on both of our sexy parts! Looking into each other?s eyes through the mirror, I began to shoot my warm cum. She kept pumping me and rubbing her clit at the same time, all the way through my orgasm. The first spurt of my sperm went onto the counter, the second and third flew all the way and splattered on the mirror. The rest ran out like a river and flowed onto her upper thigh. That?s when I felt her body stiffen and then begin to shake. Her breathing was heavy and she exhaled in a very sexy tone, ?Ohhh, Daddy, I'm cumming!? Up until this time I had just kept my hands on the counter in front of us because I really didn't know how to respond. But as soon as she said she was cumming, I immediately brought my right hand to her pussy, and since I was behind her, I dropped my shoulder lower and I pushed my thumb into her pussy as far as it would go and found her G-spot and started rubbing it. As her orgasm was reaching its peak she kept screaming out lots of "Oh my God's" and "Oh, Oh, Ohhhs." By now, my seed had run down bornova escort bayan her thigh, over her knee, and was dripping on her foot. Her orgasm was long and intense. Her body kept shivering with each contraction of her pussy, which I felt on my thumb. With my right thumb still inside her pussy, I brought my left hand up and cupped one of her beautiful teenage tits. When I took her nipple in between my forefinger and my thumb and started to roll it and tug on it, she leaned her head back onto my shoulder and said, ?Let?s go to your bedroom. I?ve made further plans for our day!? I didn't want this to end so I didn't ask any questions or make any more i****t comments. For now, we were just two people hot for each other. I pulled my thumb from her pussy and she cooed a sound of pleasure. Then I reached down with my right hand and swooped under her legs and picked her up. When her face came around our mouths met and our tongues began to play tag. I carried her down the hall and into my bedroom. My wife was at work so we had the rest of the morning and all afternoon alone. I had just fucked my wife the night before and the fragrance of sex was still in the room so I had no worries that she would suspect there had been any "extra" activity in the room. Besides, she knew I was always jacking off during the day. (I worked at night). But she thought I was just using the internet or the pictures and videos I had taken of her as masturbation material. Little did she know that I was also using those close-up shots of our daughter, and her friends, in her various swimsuits, short-shorts, and miniskirts.I carried Rachel over to my bed and gently lowered her to the sheets. She said, "Lie next to me Daddy, like you do with Mom." Then she rolled half way over and opened the drawer of her mom's night table. She took out a tube of lubricant and a small torpedo vibrator. She handed these items to me and rolled back over. This time onto her stomach and reached down under the bed and pulled out her mom's wand. She rolled back to her back and scooted over close to me and said, "Daddy, make me cum, just like you do with Mom!" Then she informed me that she not only had viewed the pictures of her on my computer, but she had also watched all of the videos I had shot of her Mom and me. I was a little embarrassed but said, "It will be my pleasure!" as I removed the cap from the lube and Rachel turned on the switch to the wand.(More to cum! Keep checking back!)Thanks for reading. Your votes and comments are appreciated!
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