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Tag und Nacht. Anna Rot & Magdalena Kronschlager Tag und Nacht (AKA Day and Night). R18+ Story: Best friends for life Lea and Hanna are country girls who land in Vienna to study. In order to make ends meet they can get exploited waitressing for a pittance or work as escorts. Hell, theyve both had bad sex before, whats more, for free. Absorbed into an escort business and its experienced workers and the varying requests of the clients the job soon becomes routine. However, studies are demanding and maintaining relationships with men who they are attracted to outside the profession is near impossible. Its not so easy to be a student and a whore. When a fellow student discovers their secret the demands become too much to the point both girls will need to confront who they are and where they are eventually headed.

Size video: 295 mb
Format file: avi
Quality: 640 x 336
Duration: 24 min.

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