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Standart First Time with a Man and Men

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This did not happen to me, I have been dreaming or a fantasy of mine. It all starts when I am called to come over to fix a computer for this guy. Every thing seemed normal, I started to look at the problem. I found that he had been going to some porn sites and I told him that is the worse place to go they are full of spy-ware and viruses. So I put some spy-ware and viruses protection programs on so if he still goes there it will be a little safer. I got all done and told him how much it would be.

He went to get the money and when he got back I got up out of the chair. At that time he said to me can I help you out with that? I did not know what he was talking about and ask him what. He said that in your pants. I look down and seen what he saw, I had a hard on. While I was on there I went to some of the sites that he was going to, I gust I got aroused by them, and I said no. He was persistent on help me out with my hard on, and I finely gave in.

We moved in to living room and he got on his knees and pulled down my pants. There he was with my cock in his face. He started to lick the shaft and making it even harder. When he finely starts to suck my cock I could tell that he had done this before and he was vary good at it. He would bring me to verge coming and stop. This went on for a while, I could feel my balls to start hurting like blue balls. That is when he took me to the limit and let me explode in his mouth. I did not know that I could cum so much. I got some ass that morning and cum then. He said is that better? I said that was grate.

Now I am standing there with no pants on and he suggest to me to do the same for him. I told him that I have not done that be for. I tried to say no and he was very persistent. He finely convince me to give him head. I was very nerviness and he could tell and said it will be OK I will talk you though it. He moved over to couch and sat down, but before he sat down he pulled down his pants. That is when I saw his cock and it was the biggest one I ever saw and poker oyna it was still soft it maid mine look like a toy. HE is sitting on the couch with his legs spread wide for me to get to his cock and balls. He coach me over to get down in front of him on all fours. Now I am in front of him on all fours with no pants on and his large black cock in my face. He said go a head touch it. I started to raise my hand to grab that big dick, he said no with your mouth. So I reach out with my tong and lick the head of his cock. I was licking the head and shaft of his cock. Then he stopped me and said let me give you a hand. I did not know what he was talking about. HE reach down to grab his dick and he said open wide so I did. He put his dick in my mouth and I stared to suck it. At first it was vary soft and with every stroke of my mouth it began to get bigger and harder. As it was getting lager, it was getting harder to fit in my mouth.

I was getting better at sucking his cock and he letting me know that I was doing a good job. He was telling me what to do and I did it when he told me. I think that suck a cock is not to bad, and getting it to suck. I was going at it and not paying attention to what is going on around me, I was sucking this cock. With out me knowing his room-mate came home or out of a room I do not know. He did not make a sound. I do know how long he watch me sucking on that cock or if the other guy prompt him to stay. Well he was getting aroused by seeing my ass there hanging out. He was very quiet when he took off what he was wearing. By this time he was hard and ready to go. The guy that I am sucking grab my head and put more of his cock in my mouth, but i did not think any thing about that. He has done this before but this time his room-mate was behind me ready to stick his cock in my virgin ass. When his dick touch my ass , I tried to pull my head off of his cock. He did not this happen, he said it will be OK and just relax. I feel his cock pushing on my tight ass. He said dam you are tight, I am going canlı poker oyna to get a little lube. He get some and put on my ass and he tried again. I felt his cock push against my hole and just his head slipped in, he said you are tight. Just relax it will be OK. He puled it out and put it back in a few times. He said that is getting better, lets try a little more. The next time he put it in he goes a little deeper and with every stroke. He was able to go deeper and deeper, before long he was able to insert his whole cock in my ass.

It was not long after he got his whole cock in my ass, he began to pick up his speed with in an out motion. Before I new it he fucking my ass like I would a pussy. I was in between rocking back and forth with the dicks moving in and out of my mouth and ass with no problem. All of a sudden I started to cum again, it was like every time that when in to my ass some cum came out. I would not ever tough I would cum three times in one day. Just a little time pass and I felt his cock swell and then he started to cum in my ass. At the same time the cock in my mouth was swelling also. Then cum started to spill out if it and a lot of cum to. It was so much it was choking me and some spilled out of my mouth.

Now I thought that they where done with me but they only started. They swapped places and it started all over. The guy that was in my is now in my mouth is not as big as the first one. Now he is in my ass and stretching my ass some more. It did not take me as long to get used to his cock this time. They where fucking me good and i was liking it. Then I hear some more voices and before I knew it I had about six or eight guys around me with big cocks and is ready to stick them in me. The first two guy got finish with me and Left me with these new guys.

The new guy started to fuck me with out hast. They moved me in all kind of positions. Some of them where bigger than the first guy but not all of them. At one time they all held me up off the floor with one in my ass and internet casino another in my mouth. That was a good feeling hanging in the air with two large cocks in me. The a lot of them like me on all fours and that is where I stayed most of my time. This when on for hours and I unloaded even more cum a couple more times. That I though it was not possible to cum any more. By the time that these guys got finished fished fucking my mouth and ass. By the time of the last one in my mouth, I was able to take his whole dick in and let him cum in my back throat.

There I was laying in the floor with my ass stretched out and my mouth sore from being open for so long. I hear them talking in the back ground, they were saying that was good and we need to do that again. I had cum all over me , it was coming out of my ass and mouth that was the two main places. I filed it on my legs, butt, back and stomach. The first man that started all of that came over to and said lets get you in the shower and cleaned up. He help me up stairs to the shower. He showed where ever thing is and left me. I got in the shower and started to clean up when I hear the door open and some one say every thing OK in there. I turned and looked it the first man from the begin g. He was standing in the room with nothing on.

He said that I had to come see you one more time. He came over to the shower and said now let see what you have learned. He ask me to suck his cock and I began to suck it. It started to grow in my mouth, he said that is good. He was totally hard and I was able to deep throat him. He moaned when I did that, He said wow I did not think you where going to be able to that. Now that is good get up and bend over. I got up and stood in front of him. He put that large cock in my ass what no problem this time. He started to fuck me hard and long there in the shower. I think that was the best one yet, with the water running over me. He got done fucking me and he had to cum in my mouth one last time. I got on my knees so he could unload his cock in my mouth again so cum came out I choke on it. We got dress and went down stirs. No one was there that all left. As I was leaving he said you come over again some time. I said may be give me a call.
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