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Standart A Swapping Mistake Ch. 02

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Julie speaks:

I was one of three children. My two brothers are ten and twelve years older than I am. I guess I was kind of an accident, but my parents really loved me. I grew-up with a rather normal childhood. Looking back, I believe my parents gave me too much. Since I was the only daughter and the youngest, I got my way a lot.

Later when starting high school I was too spoiled. I can see it now looking back at the mess I made of my life. It's not something that I'm proud of. I'm just trying to explain to you how it was.

As a student, I was average. I got mostly C's but it wasn't because I wasn't smart. It was because all I wanted to do was party. You hear guys say how they used to party in school. They didn't do it alone. There were girls who partied also; I was one of those. I wish I could go back and change it all, but time machines are only in the movies.

For some reason I became rebellious. I really had no reason. I guess I was just a know-it-all teenager. I hung around with other party people. Unfortunately, I was pretty and knew it. I got dates and what I wanted by flirting and eventually having sex.

The guys I dated all wanted sex. I remember the first time I did it. I went out with Bill; he was a guy I had dated along with many others. I didn't want a steady boyfriend. They were just friends and I never felt anything special about them. On a few dates, I let Bill feel me up. It was kind of funny watching guys get hard because I let them touch my tits.

I decided I was going to give my cherry to Bill. It didn't mean that much to me and besides I kept hearing how good it was. Bill's parents had a pool, so one Saturday after his mom left to go shopping, Bill and I jumped in the pool. I had a little two-piece suit on that gave Bill a hard-on when he looked at me. I had to laugh.

We played around in the pool for a while and Bill began kissing me and touching my boobs. He was surprised when I didn't stop him and let him go further. I looked at him and told him this was his lucky day. He reached down and gripped my pussy. I had to tell him to take it easy. I didn't need any bruises.

We got out of the pool and I went over and laid on a chaise lounge. Bill pulled up a chair next to me and leaned over and started kissing me again and grabbing my breasts. I had to tell him to take it easy again. I didn't like just being grabbed. I was wondering where the love came in.

Bill slipped has hand into my bottoms and felt my small blond mound. I had it trimmed because of the bathing suit. I could see his cock become rock hard under his suit. He pulled off his shorts saying they were hurting him. I reached down and slipped off my bottoms.

I could see Bill was in some sort of never-never land. He asked me to suck on his cock. I told him no-way. Oral sex wasn't for me. There was no way I was going to suck a guy's cock. I did reach up and squeeze it. I've touched guys before but usually with their pants on. I could see wetness coming out through his slit.

He got in front of me as I spread my legs allowing him to put his cock against the entrance of my pussy. I guided his dick slowly into me. It was my first time and I didn't want him jamming it into me. He pushed forward and I felt a slight sting. I figured he just broke my hymen. I allowed more of his cock into me and then let go of it.

He started pumping in and out of me. It didn't feel bad but I was wondering what all the hype was about. I expected fireworks and all sorts of emotional actions. He kept pumping in and out of me and I felt him tighten up and felt his cum spitting into me. It felt somewhat good but was really nothing special.

I heard him grunting and making all kinds of weird noises. I figured there might be something wrong with me. Was he waiting for me to scream out or something? He was my friend and I really didn't want to embarrass him so I let out a moan and a grunt of my own. Honest to God, I just wanted him to think he gave me an orgasm.

His dick went soft and he got off of me, smiled and said, "You were awesome! I've never come so hard in my life. Damn, Girl! You're the greatest."

"You weren't so bad yourself," I smiled. Geez! What a letdown.

He got off of me and wiped off his dick with his towel, slipped his trunks back on and said he was going to go get us a beverage. After he left, I sat there for a minute and adjusted my top which I still had on. I looked down and saw this mess between my legs.

"What the Hell?" I said.

As I stood up, I had all this cum mixed with a little blood coming out of me and running down my leg. I wiped myself off as best as I could and went back in the pool. I cleaned off my legs and private areas and got back out of the pool, and put on my bathing suit bottom.

I'm going to say something here because it's true. It's not to hurt anyone's feeling. I just want to tell you how I felt. A guy comes and it takes a second for him to wipe himself off. For a woman, she has a hell of a mess to clean up. I learned that from now on, every time I would poker oyna have sex, my partner would have to wear a condom.

I'd like to say it was because I was worried about catching a disease but I didn't even think about that. I figured my friends were all clean and that wouldn't be a problem. The reason for the condom was two-fold. For one thing, I didn't want to get pregnant. The other was that I didn't want the mess to clean up each time I had sex. I know that sounds immature for a girl of eighteen but it's the truth.

I was afraid of getting pregnant. I wasn't thinking about Bill coming so soon and when I felt him shoot into me, it was too late. Luckily, I did have my period the following week. I told myself that I would not have unprotected sex again. I know you're wondering why I wasn't on birth control. I didn't want my parents to know I was having sex. They thought I was the sweet innocent daughter.

I was still the party girl. I dated a few different guys and usually had sex with them. I found out that even though it didn't do much for me, it was a great way of controlling guys. They took me places and I never wondered if I would have a date. I know you probably don't think much of me and looking back, I don't much like what I was.

Guys for some reason always wanted blowjobs. I was not into oral sex. I thought getting on my knees between a man's legs and sucking his dick was very degrading. I wouldn't do it. A few dates didn't have condoms so they didn't get any. I would give a guy a hand job just to get him off.

On a scale of one to ten, sex for me was about a three. The guys I dated, I believe, put it at about a nine. So, I controlled my men through the sexual act. There were a few times when I reached a small climax but never the mind blowing, fireworks, seeing stars and screaming out that I've often read about.

I must have been a good actress; my partners all thought they gave me mind blowing orgasms. I wish it were true but it wasn't.

In my senior year about two months before graduation, my friend Valerie threw a party. Her parents were going to be away for two days on an anniversary trip. They told Valerie she could have a few girlfriends over one night.

My parents checked with Valerie's parents and, of course, I spent the night. Valerie invited two other girls and about ten guys over to party. I had been with about four of them. One of the other guys was Valerie's boyfriend Ted.

Everyone showed up and the guys brought tequila, and we all began drinking. Usually I watched how much I drank but I knew I wasn't going home after the party. We played music and we were all drinking and dancing. I knew I had already had too much to drink, but it was a party. I could feel the guys taking a few liberties and feeling me up while we were dancing. I thought I had it well under control. One guy pulled out a couple of joints and everyone was trying it.

I had never smoked weed before but when they passed it to me, I took a big puff and coughed. The guys were laughing and told me to try again. This time they told me to hold it in my mouth and blow it out through my nose. Whoa! What a feeling. I took a few more hits and I don't remember much after that.

I woke up the next morning naked in the middle of Valerie's bed. I had dried cum all over my body. My breasts were covered and my blond bush was matted with cum also. I had this horrible taste in my mouth. I knew then that I was gang-banged and someone even came in my mouth.

The worst part was that no one must have used a condom. I quickly got up and my legs ached as well as my head. As I walked to the bathroom, I saw Valerie and Ted sleeping in her parents' bed. I jumped right in the shower and scrubbed my body. I looked in the vanity for some kind of douche; I found one and used it. I needed to get that cum out of me.

I was in the shower for about a half hour when Valerie came in to pee. I yelled at her for letting this happen. She told me that she figured I let it happen and that she was busy making love to Ted.

"Val, how many guys took me and who were they?"

She told me, "Julie, as far as I know everyone but Ted. Most of them did you more than once. I heard you scream out a number of times. You were quite the party girl," she laughed

I didn't think it was funny. I was pissed, but how could I blame Val. No one forced me to drink or smoke weed. As far as I know, no one forced me to have sex either. I did decide that I would never put myself in that kind of situation again. I also decided that I wouldn't date any of those guys again. The ones that had taken me out knew about my no oral sex and condom rules.

The following week at school Bill came up to me and I told him to get lost. He tried to apologize but I wasn't listening. It went about the same with the other guys I had dated. For the next month or so, I just tried to get my grades up high enough for graduation.

It was two weeks before graduation when I was sitting on my bed when my mom came into my room and asked me what was the matter. "Julie, canlı poker oyna is there a problem? You look like you've been crying."

I wasn't sure how to tell her so I came out with it. "I'm sorry, Mom; I might have a big problem. I missed my period. I'm always on time and I'm past due by a couple of weeks."

My mom gave me that look. You know, the one that said you had unprotected sex.

"Julie, God why? If you thought about having sex, why didn't you talk to me about it? I would hate to see you go on the pill and be promiscuous but at least you wouldn't get pregnant. Wait here while I go to the drugstore and get a pregnancy test. Maybe we'll get lucky and it won't be positive."

I waited for mom to come back. I was worried. What if I was pregnant? I didn't even know who the father was. What would I say to my mom? God, I was scared.

Mom came back and I took the test. It came out positive; I was pregnant. I started crying and my mother wrapped her arms around me. Why? Why was I so stupid? I didn't even care that much for sex and look what I was putting myself and my mother through. I continued to cry.

"Mom, I can't have a baby. What am I going to do?"

"We'll work it out, Honey. Are you in love with the father?"

"No, Mom, I'm not. I just did a stupid thing and I don't love him at all. I don't even want him to know. Please, Mom, tell me we can fix this."

She knew I was asking her to let me get an abortion. We talked about it and we decided I would get an abortion shortly after graduation. I wasn't showing at all, and we weren't going to tell anyone but my father. I knew it would hurt him but mom wasn't going to hide it from him. We didn't even tell my brothers.

At our graduation, I cried as I received my diploma. People thought it was because I was so happy, but the fact was, I wasted my high school years and would be starting my new life off by having an abortion.

Shortly after the graduation, my mom told everyone that she was taking me on a week's vacation, just the two of us to a spa as a graduation present. We actually did go to a spa but we stopped at an abortion clinic on the way.

When we left, I hugged my dad and told him how sorry I was, and asked his forgiveness. Here I was their only daughter leaving to go and abort their future grandchild. It wasn't an easy decision for any of us.

I promised both of my parents that I would never put them through anything like this again ever. After the operation, I really did have an empty feeling. I didn't know if it was physical or mental. I knew it was one decision that I would have to live with forever and never make again: the loss of my own child. I didn't even want to know the sex but I overheard a nurse tell my mom she thought is was a girl. I cried.

Mom and I went away for the week. We actually had a nice time together. I probably grew up more that week than the rest of my entire life. We discussed life in general and dating. I told her the sex wasn't even that good. Mom told me we should have had talks like this more often and we might have saved a crisis.

"Julie, wait for the man that you love. He is out there. You'll know the difference when you make love to him. There will be little fireworks, believe me."

I never told my mom that I had been with a number of guys and I never felt much of anything.

After we returned home, I went job hunting. My grades weren't good enough for college and I didn't have the finances anyway. I had to prove myself to my parents. I got a job at a fast food restaurant. I had to learn to make a living. I know it was a menial job but at least I showed them I was trying.

I stayed with my job. I really didn't like it but I needed experience doing something. No one was going to hire a high school student with a C average for anything important.

A few of the guys I had dated asked me out. Once they found out I wasn't giving out anymore they stopped asking. I didn't care; I wasn't making the same mistakes again.

After about six months or so, my mom told me that the large department store was looking for cashiers and salespeople. Her friend Mrs. Dickerson was the human resource person in charge of hiring. She had called her and Mrs. Dickerson agreed to give me an interview.

This would be a nice place to work. It paid a higher wage and the further up the ladder you go, the more benefits. I would be lucky to get a job there.

I took my resume and waited to be called into the office. I dressed in a nice blouse and skirt. My mom made sure I looked like a salesperson. I had to laugh; mom was so funny giving me all this advice. I knew she wanted me to make a good impression since Mrs. Dickerson was a friend of hers and she got me the interview.

"Please come in, Julie," spoke Mrs. Dickerson.

We went in her office and she offered me a seat. I sat very quietly while she looked through my resume.

"Julie, I gave you this interview because your mom has always been a good friend of mine. I have to be honest with you. You're a very beautiful internet casino young lady and our company looks for top-notch people. However, your school records show me that you never really tried. Your grades are fair at best; you didn't belong to any groups or organizations. You weren't even part of the band or choir. Please explain to me why I should take a chance on you?"

"Mrs. Dickerson, I'll be the first to admit I didn't buckle down and study like I should have. It's something that I can't change. I have taken a job in a fast food restaurant to prove that I want to work. I haven't missed a day or even been late. I know it might not mean much, but I was named employee of the month twice since I started. I want to better myself and I'm willing to work hard to achieve it.

"I need a chance to prove I can do it. All I can do is promise you that if I'm giving the opportunity, you won't regret it."

"That was a nice speech, Julie. I'm still not totally convinced but I'm willing to give you an opportunity to prove yourself. I have a suggestion if you are willing to do it.

"What is it, Mrs. Dickerson?" I asked.

"We have an opening in the stock room. It starts out at minimum wage. I know that's what you are making now. My suggestion is that you go to night school and take two courses. One is salesmanship and the other is marketing. Each course is ten weeks long and you have to go three times a week.

"We will adjust your work schedule to accommodate for the schooling. You have to pass each class with a minimum of a C . If you do this, we will refund the money for the courses and will promote you to the cashiers' level with a raise of three dollars an hour. Of course you can even go higher depending on your work record."

I think I had tears in my eyes when I thanked Mrs. Dickerson. "I promise I won't let you down," I said.

I could see a smile from Mrs. Dickerson as she said, "Good luck to you and say hello to your mom for me."

When I got home, I told my mom and dad about my interview. I asked them if they could loan me the money for school and that I would give it back to them when the store refunded it. They didn't think twice about helping me out. They smiled and told me to work hard and everything would be fine.

The following Monday I started my new job. I had to sort out material and help put stock out for the cashiers and other workers to price. It was a week later that I started night school at the local college taking Salesmanship. I was going to buckle down and do this. I had wasted away enough of my life.


It was about a month later when after class I went into the cafeteria to get a bite to eat. As I was eating my sandwich, I looked up and saw another student staring at me. I figured it was a student since he had his books open and appeared to be studying.

He kept smiling at me and I couldn't help smiling back. He got up and got himself a beverage, and stopped at my table and asked if he could join me.

"Hi. I'm Shawn Ward," he smiled as he sat down.

"I'm Julie, Julie Cass. Pleased to me you," I said. "Are you a student here?"

"Well, yes and no. I work at the factory and have been taking night classes for a couple of years learning to be an electrician. What about you?"

"Kind of the same thing," I smiled. "Not to be an electrician but I'm taking courses in stuff to help me in the department store. I work there during the day."

"I'll have my certificate in electrical work at the end of the semester. Hopefully it will open some doors for a better future," he said.

"Me too," I said. "Once I finish the courses, I'll get a small promotion. I guess we're both after a better life," I smiled.

He told me it was nice meeting me, but he had to get back to his studies. He hoped to see me again.

From that day forward, I went to the cafeteria after each class. Shawn and I became good friends and he asked me out on the weekend. We began going out just about every week. It was something how he grew on me. We would go to the movies, ball games and even went bowling together. He was so much fun to be with.

The first time he kissed me, I felt something. Was it a spark, or was I just hoping it was? It was two months later before he tried to touch me. At first, I let him and I have to admit I liked it. He massaged my breasts through my blouse. He didn't try to maul them but a very light touch. He wanted to go further as he undid two buttons on my blouse.

"Please, Shawn, not yet," I said.

I couldn't believe he did back off. He told me to let him know when I was ready. It was about another month after seeing a movie that we sat in the car and he was gently rubbing my breasts through my blouse. I watched as he undid the top button.

We looked at each other eye to eye. He could see I wasn't stopping him as he undid my blouse. As he undid the clasp on my bra I said, "Shawn, no farther than my breasts, please."

He was wonderful. He massaged each one and then he sucked on each nipple. He reached into his soda glass and pulled out an ice-cube, and rubbed it over each nipple. I shuddered with the cold feeling from the ice cube. I honestly felt like he was making love to my breasts.
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