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My wife went out of town and I was home alone and horny. I started drinking and watching some porn. I was getting bored and decided to try and find some girl online to hook up. After a while if getting frustrated with the sites I decided to just take care of myself. Continuing to surf I clicked on a gay site for shits and giggles. I've watched gay porn before and it did turn me on but I never thought to actually participate in it.

I signed up and started to to like profiles of guys who were online. I started chatting with a few here and there. One guy started a chat with me and I told him my situation. I was drunk and lonely lol. I said I'd never been with a guy. He asked what I was looking for and I replied that I didn't really know.

He suggested I stop over and see what I liked. With the alcohol lowering my inhibitions I figure why not. I finished my drink and headed over.

When I got there he was a good looking guy even if he was a bit older than me. I was extremely nervous. I could feel my heart beating through my chest. After initial pleasantries he offered me a drink. I gladly accepted and drank it down. I didn't know what to do or what I would do. I guess he decided for me as he leaned in and started to kiss me. I knew there was no backing out now and I kissed him back.

He kissed me hard and I just followed along. When his tongue started to explore I did the same our tongues intertwined. I could not belief how nervous and turned on I was all at the same time. I thought I could pass out.

He then started to rub poker oyna crotch feeling my erect cock through my jeans. We undressed each other barely. Taking the passionate kiss. Standing there naked I reached down and grabbed hold of his hard cock. The first cock other than my own I have ever touched. I was relieved that he wasn't packing a monster. He was similar in size to me (about 6 1/2 inches).

Not sure what was next. He continued to lead. As i stroked his hard cock he broke our kiss and guided my head down. I soon found myself staring right at his cock. He was cut with a larger head and the precum was dripping off of it. I took my tinge and liked the precum no sure what to expect. I was surprised that it tasted ok. I began kissing the head and sucking a little bit. Then I went for it. I opened and took as much of that dick in my mouth. I've never been one to like blow jobs. It seems the girls I was with kinda half assed it and never got anywhere with that. I decided if I'm gonna suck dick I'm gonna do a good job. I slowly worked up and down the shaft. I licked it all over I gently massaged his balls I started to pick up the pace. I began to bob back and forth faster taking as much of his cock in that I could. I could hear him start to moan. I then grabbed hold of his shaft while I bobbed. Working his cock with my hand and mouth at the same time. I let the head rest on my tongue and picked up the pace with hand and mouth. He was holding my shoulders and moving his hips in time with me. He began moaning and moved his hand to the back of my head.

Never canlı poker oyna having thought I'd be sucking a dick I never gave a thought to what I would do spit or swallow. Well he made up my mind for me as he gave one final push forward most of his cock in my mouth he held the back of my head firmly he let out a loud moan and he started to cum. Without thinking I started to swallow his cum. I eased back on his cock and continued to suck the head and took every drop down my throat. I was glad I enjoyed the taste and began to wonder why anyone would not swallow.

He pulled me up and immediately began to tongue kiss me wanting to taste his own cum that was mixed with my saliva.

Instinctively I guess my hand reached down and started to rub his now half hard cock. I continued to kiss and rub him. I then felt his hand in my ass cheek. Squeezing and caressing it. He reached a little farther and I could feel his finger massaging right on my hole. It felt really great as he began kissing my neck he began to explore my hole with his finger. He moved from my neck and quickly got down in front of me and for the first time I felt his hot mouth swallow my cock in one expert move. Finally I was going to get the relief I was looking for.

With my cock still in his mouth he guided me to the couch. As I sat he alternated between my cock and balls all the while working s finger in me. I within seconds of shooting when he move and began working his tongue where his finger had just been. As good as his finger felt his tongue was that much internet casino better.

I positioned myself to give his tongue easy access to my ass. After getting me good and worked up. He stood and lowered his now hard cock onto my lips again. I gladly began sucking him as he worked my cock with his hand. As I got within moments of cumming he stopped again.

He stepped back letting his cock slip out of my mouth. He bent in and began to kiss me. That's when I felt it. He placed the head of his cock right in my hole. My was wet from his tongue and his cock was dripping more precum and the saliva from me. He just left it there for a movement. But pushing in. I guess he was waiting for me to say no or give him a sign. So I put my arm around the small of his hack and pulled him a little closer. Sign taken. He used just enough pressure to get the head of his cock inside me. I gasped. I had never fucked a girls ass and never had anything more than a finger inside me. There was a brief pain that was quickly replace by euphoria. After letting me adjust. He slowly worked his cock all the way i inside.

Then he slowly pulled out and wired it slowly back in. Taking his time he fucked me slow. After a bit he began to pick up the pace. Every time he got all the way in I caught myself letting out a moan. I reached around and as he pushed forward I tried to help get that cock deeper inside me. He started moving pretty good and I found myself raising my hips to meet his thrusts. He was breathing have and picking up his pace. I was grunting as I slammed my ass onto his cock. He let out a moan thrust on last hard time into me and held it there. I could feel his cum filling me as he was grinding into me as I felt his cum.

He pulled out. Exhausted collapsing on top of me.
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