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Standart Cathy's special new friends

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As Cathy packed her suitcase, she hurriedly tried to figure out what she would need in California. She was going to be there for the week, and that meant she had to pack several different outfits, planning days further in advance than she was normally used to. She wasn?t the type to normally worry about her looks, usually letting her naturally pretty face remain unpainted. This weekend was different, though; she was going to stay with her older brother at his house, unsupervised by parents while she visited and toured his college, and she wanted to dress appropriately for the social events she hoped to attend. Luke had already told her that she could do whatever she wanted while staying with him, and did not hesitate to offer her weed and alcohol weeks in advance of her trip. As far as he was concerned, Luke felt that Cathy was old enough to make her own decisions, and if she was going to visit his school, he was going to show her a good time. They had been talking about the trip a lot lately, finalizing plans for her visit, and now finally it was time to pack up her shit and head for the airport. She heard the taxi beep for her outside, and as an impulsive afterthought, she took her small green dildo from the nightstand and jammed it in her bag, deciding that it might come in handy. She was right.
The flight to California from Colorado was smooth, hitting little turbulence and landing on time. After getting her luggage, she headed out of the terminal and sat down on a bench outside, waiting for Luke to pull up. She lit a cigarette and dragged on it quickly, anxious to get away from the airport and to her brother?s house. After a few minutes his car pulled up to the curb. The siblings made eye contact and she hurried over to him.
He greeted her with a warm hug as he said, ?Jeez, you keep looking older than the last time I saw you! How was the flight, Cathy?? He put her suitcase in the trunk, and then they were on their way, heading towards the freeway on-ramp. As they chatted, he also looked somehow different to her, but she could not describe it exactly; maybe he looked older, maybe more mature, she did not know. One thing was for certain though, for the first time she had noticed it, he looked handsome, and dare she think it, sexy.
As he picked up speed and got over into the carpool lane, Luke pulled a tightly rolled joint out of his cup holder, grinning at his sister as he handed her a lighter. ?I think you know what to do with this,? he said to her. Pleasantly surprised, she laughed and warned her brother about the dangers of multitasking, before sparking it up. The thick smoke burned her lungs, but she loved weed almost as much as she loved her brother, and like a champ, she refrained from coughing. Playfully blowing the smoke in her brother?s face, Cathy passed the joint back to him before turning up the volume on the radio. She smiled to herself as she watched him hit the burning J, knowing that her brother would keep her safe, yet also show her a great time. The car ride went quickly as they smoked the joint, catching up on news in each other?s lives. Before she realized it, Luke was pulling into a driveway, and they were home.

After meeting his roommates and touring the place, Cathy already felt at home in Luke?s house; not only were his friends heavy stoners like her and her brother, but they all made the effort to be friendly to her. They had a nice Roor bong sitting on their living room table, and before she had been in his home for very long, Luke made sure that his sister got high as hell off of the dank Cali weed they had. After a couple of bowls had been smoked through, Cathy lay back on the couch and watched her brother and his friends play beer pong. There were four of them besides Luke: his roommates, Dave and Kyle; their friend, Rachel; and Carl, their next-door neighbor.
Declining beer pong, Cathy took up Rachel on the suggestion of Belvedere shots, getting drunker than she usually would because of the occasion, while joining the others to take group smoking-breaks every hour or so. By the end of the night, the five of them had drunk and smoked their share, winding down around midnight.

It was later that evening, after most of the house had passed out from excessive crossfadedness. Cathy was lying on the couch in her brother?s living room, unable to sleep because of how horny she felt. Maybe it was the mix of good vodka and incredible weed, but her mind was full of dirty thoughts which could not be quenched by exhaustion; she knew that she needed a release, and quickly. She rummaged around in her suitcase, finding her green plastic friend before sneaking into the bathroom. She wasted no time in stimulating herself, rubbing her clitoris while sliding the dildo in and out, quickening her rhythm as she went, moving towards that perfect climax . . . when the bathroom door swung open, a bleary-eyed roommate of Luke?s walking in on her most intimate self.
For a moment, both of them stood there, staring at each other: Dave, drunk, with his pecker hanging out of his boxers, completely surprised to see Luke?s hot sister pleasuring herself. She herself was caught between embarrassment and utter lust, the prospect of a hard dick poker oyna enough to keep her excited. He was frozen for a moment, unsure of what to do, when she whispered, ?I want you, now.? She had that grin again, the one that hinted to more than she would say, and like he was under a trance, Dave shut the door behind himself, swiftly locking it as Cathy pounced on him. She wouldn?t have made such a move ever before, and he wasn?t planning on fucking around with his roommate?s sister, but at this point, nothing could stop the two.
As they made out, caressing each other and grinding pelvises, Dave pushed aside the bra and shorts which Cathy still wore, as she ripped off his boxers and began stroking him aggressively. Her light brown hair felt so good in his fingers as he caressed her, the beautiful teenage goddess who needed a dick to play with. He picked up the green dildo that she had dropped, and ever so slowly, teased her pussy with it, pushing the tip in before pulling it out, over and over again. When he was hard and she was ready, she sat up on the bathroom counter and straddled him, nervous as his swollen head touched her soft pussy lips. He asked her if she was sure she wanted to do this, and without saying anything, she wrapped her legs around Dave, pulling herself onto his rigid cock.
She gasped as it entered her, digging her nails into his back. He pulled out slowly, and then pushed his member in to the hilt, bottoming out inside her. They wanted and needed each other so badly that any more foreplay was out of the question; hard fucking followed, neither one making much noise other than heavy breathing, as they enjoyed each other fully. She was near orgasm when he kissed her gently on the lips, swirling his tongue around hers, before panting, ?Cathy, I?m close, what do you want me to do?!? She didn?t make him pull out, instead moaning back, ?Me too, I?m on the pill, let me have it!? Magic words were spoken, and needing no further encouragement, Dave came inside her, slowing his thrusts while causing her vaginal muscles to contract, initiating an intense orgasm. They both kissed passionately as their climaxes ended, before he pulled out and grabbed a towel to clean up. He helped her find her panties as they calmed down and wiped off, before agreeing to say nothing and separating for the night with a final, heartfelt kiss. Their drunken encounter ended as it began, with few words, and both walked away from the bathroom feeling completely satisfied. He did not know if it was a dream or not, but for his own sake, he hoped it was. As she reminisced about her surprise encounter in the bathroom, she had little trouble falling into a deep sleep.

Cathy woke up the next morning, foggy-headed from the previous night?s partying, but physically, she felt great. Something about her dreams was fantastic, a fleeting memory she had trouble recalling, which had left within her a profound sense of well-being. Her brother had class that morning, so he was already gone, but next to her cellphone he left a note: ?Hey Cathy, I?ll be back from class by noon. Go roll a joint from my stash and enjoy the morning. Love Luke.? She smiled at the note, appreciating her brother?s generosity and foresight. Then she did as her older brother suggested, rolling a thin joint from the stash in his room before smoking it in the living room and then taking a glorious, refreshing shower. As usual, her green plastic friend was a vital component of the bathing process.

After Luke got back from class, he and his sister smoked a couple more bowls, went to the movies, and then hung out at his house for the rest of the day. They acted like it was summertime, smoking weed all day, except for now they didn?t have to sneak it from their parents anymore. Later that night, Luke took her to a party, along with his fuck-buddy, Rachel, and his roommates, Dave and Kyle. Dave still thought that the encounter with Cathy must have been a dream, and hoped it would stay that way; he didn?t want to risk Luke finding out about it. His mind was obsessed with her, but he didn?t want to make a move on her. At the very least, she was 18, thank god.
When they were about to leave for the party, Dave was stunned by how beautiful Cathy looked in the tight blue dress she wore, her perfect figure there for all to see. She gave him a look as they walked out the door, surprised to see him lustily staring back at her. She smiled and winked at him, not sure why, but sure that she wanted to. In a tight skirt and revealing blouse, Rachel didn?t look bad standing next to her. Rachel?s sexy red hair accentuated her sharp green eyes and fit, slender body. Luke had lucked out with that one for sure, Dave thought to himself as he caught a glimpse of Rachel?s tight ass.

The party was loud but Cathy enjoyed it, relishing in the lively drunkenness only hard alcohol brings. Without a care in the world, she embraced the drinking, celebrating her vacation. Later on when the party was clearing out, after too many rounds of Shots or Dare, the entire group that Cathy was with was too drunk to go home. The host offered the two drunk girls a bed upstairs in an empty room, while the guys decided to sleep on the carpeted living room canlı poker oyna floor. Cathy wished her brother and his friends a good night before accompanying Rachel to bed.
Drunk and giggly, the girls had become close friends throughout the night, talking over cigarettes, sharing kisses as Dares, doing shot after shot together. . . as they walked upstairs, Rachel wrapped her arm around Cathy?s back, gently squeezing her right breast. Cathy gave her an inquisitive look, which Rachel only returned with a wink. As they got to the bedroom, Rachel opened the door and whispered in Cathy?s ear, ?I want to kiss you some more, if that?s okay. . .? Cathy was surprised, but excited. ?Only if I can return the favor,? she replied, as she pushed Rachel into the room and locked the door behind her. The intense horniness that she had felt the night before was back, but this time in a different way; she had never been with a girl before, but after being around Rachel that night, she had to find out what it was like.
Now that they were alone, Cathy couldn?t contain her excitement, but she did not know how to proceed. Rachel sensed her hesitation, and said, ?Relax. We?ll go really slow, I want this to be special for you.? And with that, she kissed her full on the lips, lingering for a while, encouraging Cathy to kiss her back. In this way, Rachel would lead and escalate their intimacy, while Cathy would follow every step of the way. It took no time at all for Cathy to begin asserting herself and touching Rachel back, finding ways to make the sexy redhead get wet. Like teamwork, Cathy guided Rachel?s hand down to her gleaming slit, encouraging the bisexual girl to touch her down there. Rachel gladly accepted the encouragement, and began to finger the hell out of Cathy.
Once fingers became involved, Cathy had to use her own to explore her new friend. Rachel was as much of a freak as she was, it seemed, and did not mind a finger from behind as Cathy used her other hand to rub the girl?s clit. For the first time, Cathy played with another girl?s tits, rubbing them, playing with them, and enjoying the discovery. Rachel brought the girl to a full climax quickly, thrusting two fingers in her ass and pussy each while sucking vigorously on Cathy?s pert nipples. The girl was shocked by how much pleasure she had gotten from it, completely surprised that she had done and felt such things with another girl. Reversing positions so that Cathy could lead, the girls resumed their actions; much more foreplay ensued.
Before long, they were tangled together, naked on the floor, with one major lesson left to teach. Rachel demonstrated oral on Cathy?s pussy, teaching her techniques while introducing her to the joy of it. Cathy was anxious to try it on her new teacher, and without any instruction, got into the 69 position on top of Rachel. The redhead moaned in delight, enthralled with this sexy girl who was a natural at just about everything she tried to teach her. After a couple of decent orgasms each, the drunk and curious pair cuddled together on the floor, naked beneath a blanket as they gently rubbed each other. They slept like that, holding each other, until the early morning light woke Cathy up. Rachel was still asleep, but Cathy remembered well her friend?s teachings from the night before. Rachel was shocked to be awakened by Cathy?s slender fingers penetrating her as the younger girl?s tongue flickered over her clitoris, lighting her senses on fire. Within minutes, her protege had brought her to a blissful orgasm, which she was glad to repay in kind.

After everyone had woken up, the group headed back to Luke?s house. None of the guys knew what Rachel and Cathy had been doing upstairs, but the experience had left Cathy happily confused. She didn?t know if she was fully bisexual, but she couldn?t wait for the next time she could suck on Rachel?s nipples or finger her deeply. Luckily for Cathy, Rachel offered to take her on a tour of campus that day, including the dorms where Rachel lived. Cathy gladly accepted, and after smoking a joint with her brother and Rachel, she took an incredible shower. Being high made it so much more intense, as every drop of water seemed to hit a sensitive area of her body, especially on her tits. With her little green dildo, Cathy tried to recreate some of the things Rachel had taught her, much to her happy surprise.
In the other room, Rachel was showing Luke how good she was at swallowing. After Cathy?s incredible shower, she changed into a short skirt and tight tanktop, both of which she strategically chose for her new mentor. She then went with Rachel to campus, where the older redhead gave her a tour, before they swung by the dorms for a ?special tour.? Rachel claimed that back in her dorm awaited something special for Cathy, a ?surprise? if she was up for it. After what she had just experienced, she was definitely interested. The tension had been building between the two girls all morning, and as they got to Rachel?s door, she grabbed Cathy and made out with her against the wall, wanting to taste her and touch her as much as possible. Cathy squeezed Rachel?s ass and fondled her left tit, a gesture which the redhead seemed to appreciate a lot. Opening internet casino the door to her room, she stuck her hand down Cathy?s skirt, grabbing her by the waistband and pulling her into the room. ?Now, what is this ?special? thing you said was waiting here?? asked Cathy, a gleam in her eye expressing how turned on and curious she was.
?Close your eyes and bend over and I?ll show you,? Rachel told her before sticking her tongue down Cathy?s throat, knowing the girl would do anything she wanted her to. She reached her hand up from beneath Cathy?s skirt and slid the girl?s thong off from the inside, watching it slip to the floor around her ankles. Rachel then guided her into position, propping Cathy up doggy style on the bed with her ass and pussy exposed by the short skirt. Cathy was bent over, waiting for what would happen next, when she felt Rachel walk up from behind. Rachel was caressing her hips, smacking her ass, touching her all over, when all of a sudden Cathy felt something poking her from between Rachel?s legs.
The strap-on was at the entrance of her pussy when she peeked and looked at it, bringing both excitement and fear to her face. ?Cathy, no fair peeking. Just relax and enjoy it.? And with that, Rachel slowly thrust the strap-on into Cathy?s tight tunnel, in and out in a gentle motion, pushing deeper inside the girl with every thrust. It was slow at first, with Cathy gasping every time Rachel pushed into her deeply. However, the unexpected fucking by the strap-on got Cathy wetter than the foreplay had, and within minutes, the girls were thrusting together with rapid speed, the thick dildo between Rachel?s legs plunging itself into Cathy before quickly sliding out again. The girls went on like this for a while, with Cathy getting the fucking of her life until erupting in passionate orgasm. Rachel kissed her softly, dueling with her tongue as she felt Cathy?s spasms diminish. After calming down, Cathy whispered to her newfound friend, ?Thank you, so much. Mind if I try now??
And so it went. Cathy was hesitant at first, afraid to fuck Rachel with the rubber thing, but she quickly got over her fears and straddled the redhead, planting the thick head next to the entrance of the girl?s invitingly smooth pussy. Rachel moaned out in delight, encouraging Cathy to ?fuck the shit out of her,? which caused Cathy to abandon all pretense and thrust like there was no tomorrow. After a while she began to experiment with different positions, flipping Rachel over, bending her over a table, riding her in every way she could imagine. Eventually, Cathy began to finger Rachel?s ass in sync with the thrusting of the strap-on, causing the redhead to buck wildly and moan harder than before. Taking it as encouragement, Cathy kept up the fingering, adding another digit, and another, before she finally had Rachel?s asshole loose and ready. Then she fondled the girl?s tits some more while kissing her deeply, before asking Rachel if she had any lube.
Delighted, the girl pulled a bottle out of her desk and handed it to Cathy, who applied a generous amount to the always hard strap-on. Slowly, she pushed the head into the open asshole, watching the member fill the girl?s opening; gently, then, she thrusted as before, getting further into the moaning redhead with every push, before eventually bottoming out. With the momentum already established, Cathy resumed riding the girl passionately, filling her up while pinning her down to the bed. Rachel was a fan of this quick and rugged lovemaking, moaning with delight as the day wore on. Rachel was brought to an extraordinary climax by the assfucking, slick with her own juices as Cathy finished with her.
They lay in contented silence for a while after they stopped fucking, the strap-on still secured to Cathy?s pelvis. After a few minutes, Rachel said that they should probably take a shower; Cathy, of course, agreed. Before turning the water on, however, Rachel suggested that they switch again, and Cathy helped her secure the strap-on around her hips. With the water running, they resumed their recent endeavors, touching each other like before while soaping one another?s body.
While she was squeezing Cathy?s ass from behind, Rachel ?accidentally? slipped a finger up her asshole. She did not take it out though, instead choosing to tease Cathy slowly and gently. Cathy winced from how good it felt, surprised but delighted at Rachel?s apparent intentions. It was then that she saw the bottle of lube from earlier in Rachel?s hand, slicking up the dildo?s shaft before maneuvering Cathy to face the corner and spread her legs. It was only then that she took her finger out of Cathy, replacing it with the thick, hard head that she slowly forced into Cathy?s virgin asshole. She had only ever put fingers up there, and feared the pain she might feel. Quickly, though, her fears were erased as the hard, phallic presence invaded her, stretching her wide yet sliding in easily. At first she did not know how to feel, but the rhythmic fucking Rachel gave her felt so good that all her worries disappeared to be replaced by anal bliss.
The rest of the shower was pleasant, as Cathy experienced the massive orgasm Rachel gave her, before both of them toweled off and got dressed again. Cathy did not know if her recent forays made her bisexual, but she loved every moment she got to spend with Rachel in passion.
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