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Standart A Port in the Storm Pt. 03 - Ending

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Slowly, like the fire in the pit, the half siblings passionate kiss became a roaring flame. Tongues parted lips, exploring never known areas of passions. Hands touching body parts seen, but never known. Drying her eyes with his fingers, Ryan couldn't believe what he had heard. Breaking the kiss, Ryan asked;


"I have never been more serious about anything in my life."

"It doesn't disturb you, the things I've thought of doing to you?"

A wry smile came over Thaelor's lips;

"At least you didn't say I stink. Besides, how can I be disturbed over things I've dreamt of myself?" she quipped. "For now, stop talking and kiss me so I can enjoy my dream."

Pulling Ryan back to the center of the couch, Thaelor straddled his lap, going back to sucking on his lips. Through his sweatpants, Thaelor could feel his erection pressing against his pants. To her pleasant surprise, he was packing more than what she had ever dreamed of.

Ryan let his hands roam under Thaelor's sweatshirt, he found that she wasn't wearing a bra. Thaelor then stripped off her shirt over her head. exposing her hard, brown, round nipples. Ryan pulled her closer, taking a nipple into his mouth. Thaelor threw her head back in ecstasy. She loved when her size 32B breasts received attention. It felt so good, she had to bite her bottom lip. To further the experience, she began to grind herself into Ryan's pelvis, her pussy rubbing the imprint of his steadily hardening cock.

Leading up to the party, she had fooled around with Corbin around the office, even going so far as to let him rub her pussy through her panties a couple times. But this feeling was so much better. She could feel her orgasm growing with every second.

She had lost her virginity a while ago. It was quick, fast, and not very satisfying (especially considering he broke her hymen and was just as inexperienced). But Ryan was different. His slow hand, the confessions of his feelings, and her overall general horniness from no sex for the past 10 months, made this encounter the best of her life so far.

Suddenly, Ryan said, "Stand up."

Thaelor was stunned, she didn't want to, but she did as he asked. After dismounting, she watched as Ryan limped to the hide away closet under the staircase. When he returned, he'd dragged what looked like a large carpet with him. Unfastening the ties, he unrolled what their family affectionately came to know as "Yogi." On a hunting trip several years ago, their father and his friends had been attacked by a nine-foot-tall black bear. Their father had bravely shot and killed it. As a trophy, he had the beast skinned and turned into a beautiful, warm rug/comforter. Now Ryan was unraveling the pelt to lay down on the floor in front of the fireplace. Taking her hand, he stood in front of his beautiful half-sister and began to strip off his clothes. She did the same. Although her panties took a minute longer, they were completely soaking wet. For a moment, both stood in front of the other, naked as the day they were born. Thaelor experienced a swift moment of self-consciousness. Covering her breasts and pussy with her hands and arms. Taking a step forward, Ryan removed her barriers.

Kissing her softly on the forehead, he looked her deep in the eyes and said,

"I love it. I love everything about you. Your hair, your nose, your butt, your skin... especially your freckles. To me, you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life"

Thaelor was ever so grateful at that moment that there wasn't lighter in the room. Else Ryan would see the immense blushing she was doing. For most of her life, she had become self-conscious about her mixed heritage. Her freckles most of all. They were her every day, constant reminder that many considered her...another. Now, she was being told: that she was beautiful. Never, had a man been so romantic.

But, as beautiful as she was...she was also VERY horny. Dropping to her knees, she came face to face with what she believed was the most beautiful cock she had ever seen. Though it wasn't very long like the ones she had looked at in the pornos Travis kept in his room, it was thick. A penis meant for worship. Wrapping her hand around the girth of it, she first began by licking the underside of the head. Slowly, she put the penis in her mouth. It stretched her little hand immediately. When she took her first suck of it, she could taste the sweet precum that had moistened the tip. It was now time for Ryan to tip his head back. His mouth open, expelling an inaudible sigh of pleasure. Thaelor was loving every minute of sucking on that thick, chocolate colored cock. The way it felt in her tiny hands. Barely able to wrap around. it. She slowly began to pick up the pace. Remembering all the discussions she had overheard güvenilir bahis her girlfriends having. To caress the head with her tongue. Making sure to relieve the jaw muscles by taking it out of her mouth, and licking the sides, while stroking it up and down. Several times, Ryan had to place his hands on either her head or shoulders as his legs began to buckle.

Before long, he had to pull away from her. Kneeling, he kissed her again. Passionately; deeply, his tongue slipping in and out of her mouth. Stoking the fires deep in her soul. As he held her in his deceptively strong arm, his other hand reached down to rub her freshly shaven love box. She quivered ever so slightly. Her love juices making her hairless, swollen organ slick and easy to manipulate. He rubbed even deeper now, stimulating her swollen sensitive clit. This time a full body shudder went through her. Had he not been holding her, she might have collapsed entirely. Laying her down on the blanket. went through her very core. She felt as if she was about to explode!

"I want more!" Thaelor said.

Pushing Ryan back down, she laid on top of her half-brother. Just as she was about to slide down, he stopped her, pulling her back up to his face.

"Oh no." Ryan said. "I want a taste of that sweet pussy I have been dreaming about for so long."

Thaelor spun around, settling into the classic "69" position. His juicy, thick dick staring her in the face. Ryan was able to look directly at her tiny, wet suit. Working in unison, the siblings began to pleasure each other. One sucking, the other licking. The pause in the action spurred Ryan to perform his very best.

Spreading her ass cheeks, he attacked her clit with his tongue. Switching between strong swipes with the tip of his tongue and brushing the opening with its width. Reacting to the assault, Thaelor's pussy began to seep small droplets of cum. The taste was slightly tart in the beginning, but had a sweet aftertaste that reminded him of a popular candy with the same effects.

"Oh. That feels so good." Thaelor purred. "You keep that up, and I'm going to scream."

That was all Ryan needed to hear. Spying from his position, her tiny asshole, Ryan grabbed those two fleshy mounds, spreading them wider and began rubbing the tip of his finger at her backdoor entrance. The pad covering the hole by itself. Slowly applying pressure to the forbidden zone as he deftly continued to stick his tongue in the opening to her pussy.

"Oh God...Oh Fuck...what are you...what are you..."

That's when he went for the Gold. Sucking her clit into his mouth, Ryan began to lather her clit with an even more relentless amount of attention.


The words never escaped her lips. Thaelor was lost in a tsunami of orgasms that she had never felt before. Wave after wave exploded from her very core. Her brain sending emergency signals all over her body. Legs and arms spasming in different directions. Her breath never quite filling her greedy lungs.

"S-T-O-P! S-T-O-P! S-T-O-P!"

Thaelor couldn't possibly take anymore stimulation. Rolling to the side, she disengaged from Ryan's clitoral warfare. As her body shook and convulsed. She needed time to regroup.

Ryan leaned himself on one elbow. Seeing this reaction for the first time, he was concerned about his little sister.

"Are you OK?!" He asked. "I didn't hurt you, did I?"

Initially, she couldn't answer. The words of encouragement sat mute at the forefront of her mind. Yet her body refused to cooperate. The best she could do at that moment was reach her arm out and brace her hand against Ryan's chest until the spasms subsided. Finally, after she regained control of her limbs, and her breathing had returned to a closer semblance of normal, she barely opened her eyes and responded.

"Hu-u-r-t m-m-m-e... Oh My God No!! That was the...most intense... orgasm...I've my LIFE!! Dear brother...if THAT was HURTING ME... then I demand that you PUNISH ME LIKE THAT for the rest of MY LIFE!!"

Leaning closer to her new lover, mini aftershocks still coursing through her body; Thaelor kissed Ryan ever so gently on the lips.

"I had no idea that my brother was that good at eating pussy. I give you all the props in the world. But, I can't take anymore teasing. I need to feel your deep inside me. I need you to love me like a woman."

"Your wish is my command.: Ryan said with a smile on his face.

Laying her down on the pelt, Ryan kissed her passionately. Not wanting to leave one empty space on her face. Then a stark reality hit.

"Oh shit...SHIT."

"What's wrong?"

"Condoms. All that trouble to buy those damn things, and now that I need them, they're packed up at the bottom türkçe bahis of my bag."

Thaelor kissed him softly.

"It's OK." She said. "We don't need it. I trust you. Besides, I've faithfully been taking my pill for the past 4 months."

Reaching down, she lovingly grabbed Ryan's thick, throbbing cock. Placing it at the entrance to her very being, she looked her lover square in the eye. Ryan's face telegraphed the concern of; "Was she sure?" Slowly she nodded yes. With a single, strong push, Ryan and Thaelor crossed the line of no return, and it was exquisite. Thaelor's tiny pussy gave way, expanding deliciously as Ryan's cock invaded her walls.

Ryan had also had several lovers in his time. But none had ever felt so good, so tight, so pliable. His dick felt like it was wrapped in the finest of Egyptian silk. His earlier licking of her pussy creating a wet, humid invitation for his hard member. But he didn't want to rush it. He began by building a rhythm of deliberate, methodical strokes. Allowing Thaelor's pussy to accommodate the new girth and breadth of his cock, stretching to the proper proportions to fir like a glove.

As Ryan raise up in a push up position, Thaelor wrapped her arms around his neck. Letting an "Ooooh" or a breathy "Ahhhh" to escape her lips with every downstroke. His masterful cascade of impassioned love making was bringing tears to Thaelor's eyes. She reminisced on the conversations she had had or overheard from her friends and other women. About how their men "Fucked them silly," or "Fucked them raw," or "Fucked them they couldn't walk straight." But here, in this moment; she knew beyond a shadow of a doubt, those other women had just been FUCKED. Every other time she had had up till now, she had been FUCKED. But Ryan was MAKING LOVE to her. Her very inner being was being pleasured. Every cell in her body was screaming in orgasmic ecstasy. No pounding. No hurry, No hint of detachment. They were one. the feeling was too good. Pulling on his neck, she brought his entire weight to bear on her tiny frame. The feeling was mind numbing as she matched his downward thrusts with her own upward pelvic thrusts. The action smashing and stimulating her clit to heights never known before tonight. She could easily feel another tremendous orgasm rising throughout her body. But she wanted Ryan to cum too.

"Oh God...this is beautiful. But I need more. Let me flip over. I need you all the way inside me. Give me the heaven of your love."

Dismounting, her new lover allowed Thaelor to move on all fours. Taking a second, she wiggled her ass a couple times in Ryan's face. Looking over her shoulder with a devilish grin.

"I have admired that ass for so long." He said as he laid a hand on it.

"I'm glad you like. Do you think you can handle it?"

Not looking to respond verbally, Ryan simply grabbed his cock and thrust the entire length and girth of it into her tiny, wet snatch. Thaelor shook from the sudden invasion. A wave of pure pleasure undulating through her very soul.


Taking ahold of her hips, Ryan began his powerful thrusts into his half-sister. Over and over, he rammed into her greedy pussy, which rewarded his hard work with droplet after droplet of cum to soak his engorged member. The sexual assault was too much. As hard as she tried not to, breathing, straining, attempting to tame it, Thaelor finally succumbed to another orgasm. Her limbs no longer able to defy gravity and hold her body aloft off the floor. She collapsed face first, minute spasms rippling their way through her body.


Ryan dropped his weight onto her small frame. Crushing the breath from her lungs, intensifying the orgasm with his unwavering siege on her pussy. Feeling the multiple spams w tin her love canal, he came closer and closer to his own need for release.

"OH F-F-F-F-U-U-U-CK!! I'M...CU-M-M-M-MI-I-ING!!

With one final, monstrous, bestial push, Ryan shot his load into Thaelor's awaiting pussy. Causing his sperm to mix in a pool of mind numbing, soul quenching, body draining love juice inside her overstuffed pussy.

This time, it was Ryan to succumb to the effects of his own sexual climax. Body tingling, muscles flexing, ligaments and tendons straining to hold it all together. But his soul was awash in pure ecstasy. A feeling of euphoria to compliment his lover's as they rolled to their sides, their bodies twitched, their breathing was sparse, but their connection was unbroken. Two separate beings attached in a moment of unity. Flying one.

Attempting to catch their breath, they lay on "Yogi." Satisfied, satiated; güvenilir bahis siteleri spent. Thaelor grabbed Ryan's arm and pulled it over her breasts. Finding just the optimum position to "spoon" his body. He felt so hard, yet warm to the touch. Soft, sensual, like the man of her dreams.

"Ms. Morrison...that was...WOW!! I always thought it would be good. But that was...MIND BLOWING!!"

Rolling over half way, Thaelor looked up at her half-brother, her comrade; her best friend: her lover. With a crooked smile, she leaned in and kissed Ryan with everything in her soul. When she parted away from him she said;

"You were magnificent yourself. In fact, that was the best sex I have ever had in my life. I have never...EVER...cum like that before. Thank you."

With that, she lay her head on his chest. But something nagged at her. Something she had to know. In the silence of the moment, she said;

"Can I ask you something brother? And I want you to be completely and totally honest with me."

"Anything love...What is it?"

"If I asked you to do something, would you do it for me?"


"I want you to take my anal virginity."

Ryan couldn't believe ears. Sitting up in his elbows, he looked at his little sister and said,


"I want you to be the first guy to fuck me in my ass. Would you?!"

"Are you serious?! Of course. It would be my honor. Where did you get this from?!"

"I don't know...I've heard a couple of my friends talk about it before. Most said it hurt too much. But my other friend Trudy swears by it. She told me that the two most important things you must use is; lots of lube and to have someone that you trust. After tonight...I have and probably never will trust anyone as much as I do you. My trust in you is implicit."

Kissing his lovely half-sister on the forehead, Ryan was dumbstruck. Finally, he said;

"Even in my wildest dreams, I never THOUGHT of doing that with you, much less you asking me to do it. But now, I would love to. Just know sis...I've never done it before."

Rolling back onto her side, Thaelor lay in front of Ryan again. She couldn't stop her feelings from rising to the surface. She began to sniffle again as tears filled her eyes. Pulling her closer to him, Ryan whispered softly in her ear:

"What's wrong Thaelor?"

"Ryan: I have told you some of the things I have been through in my life. My Mom killed herself because she had cancer. My Father sees me as a headache and a distraction. Most of the other members of my family have tried to rape me. I have no idea where I stand in this world because I'm mixed. I just caught my boyfriend fucking some skank you were dating just a few hours ago. All this misery and suffering I've been through, and I'm not even 21 yet! one night...all of that didn't matter. Because I think I'm falling in love with you too. So, my tears aren't from sadness or loneliness; they are because I have never been this happy in my whole life. I can just hope that after tonight, you meant what you said, that you were in love with me too."

Ryan's eyes began to mist. He never would have thought that his admission of love would result in such a deep, passionate, loving feeling toward the girl who was dropped in is lap those many years ago. All the time he spent lusting, wondering, hoping, fearing, and avoiding his feelings, to have culminated in such a wonderful ending, with a beautiful beginning.

Pulling her close to his breast, Ryan's reply was with all his heart and soul:

"I will love you for the rest of my life. Even if it costs me mine."

And that was it. With no more words, secrets, or space between them, the siblings, confidant, friend, and now lovers; Ryan and Thaelor fell asleep in front of the rest of the rolling fire in each other's arms. While the waning sounds of the thunderstorm and the rain, fell outside.

The sound of his watch's alarm broke the haze of slumber. A tickling feeling caught his attention before he could open his eyes. First one, then the other; his eyes adjusted to see that the night before had not been a dream, a fantasy, or a hallucination. His nose was brushed by the hair of his small, soft, naked, slumbering body of Thaelor Morrison lying in the crook of his arm. With the sun shining through the windows, the natural light illuminating her flawless, latte colored, brown freckled skin, rising and falling with the rhythm of her breathing. She had never looked more beautiful than she did at that moment. He knew from that moment on, he would do or give anything to make her happiness and protection his life's mission for the rest of the it he had on this Earth. But for now, he had to shatter her world of dreams, and awaken her to this new tomorrow. A long trip back home was in the works. A battle with the man who made their lives miserable needed to be fought and won. However, he knew that with his strong, beautiful, loving, half-sister in his corner, he would always have an impregnable port in the storm.
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